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The conference is held in the main building of the University of Tampere. The main campus of the University of Tampere is close to Tampere city centre, some ten minutes' walk from the railway station. For further details, please see the following link:

Maps for the campus area:

Tampere city website:

Tampere has direct flight connections from numerous European cities. In addition to several daily flights from and to Helsinki, Tampere has direct flight connections to Rovaniemi and Kittilä (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Riga (Latvia), Kaunas (Lithuania), Frankfurt and Bremen (Germany), London and Edinburgh (UK), Milan (Italy) and Malaga (Spain). Tampere also has a direct flight connection to Kuusamo (Finland) and to Pisa (Italy), Gdansk (Poland) and Alicante (Spain). You can find the flight connections to Tampere here. Please note that changes are possible. Welcome to Tampere!